World Tiger Conservation Day

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With Global Tiger Day soon upon us we want to help raise awareness and support for the many issues surrounding Tiger Conservation by showing how breath-taking photos of these amazing animals in their natural habitats can be the perfect picture to use to personalise our products.

There are huge efforts in place to help protect Tigers such as the monitoring of safari parks and Tiger Recovery Programs aimed at raising public awareness and support for tackling Tiger conservation issues including the poaching of these stunning animals, leaving many subspecies on the endangered list.

We’ve picked out some of the most stunning pictures of Tigers in their natural habitat with a brief description.

Bengal Tiger


Found in its natural habitats across Asia the Bengal Tiger is on the endangered list with many of this Tigers subspecies extinct and with only 2500 Bengal Tigers in the wild (as recorded in early 2015) India’s Project Tiger aims to help monitor and improve the population of Tigers in the wild by tackling poaching as many body parts of the Tiger are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Indochinese Tigers


These Tigers are generally found in several countries within Asia. Darker and smaller in size than the Bengal Tiger, the Indochinese Tigers are critically endangered with less than 350 recorded in the wild and are still poached especially in Vietnam with over 75% of the poaching due to the Tigers pharmaceutical use.

Malayan Tigers


These Tigers are only found in the southern regions of Malaysia. Targeted for poaching, the number of Malayan Tigers has reduced over the years with most recent counts suggesting only around 500 of these Tigers are living in the wild. Habitat destruction and poaching have led to the reduction in numbers with a poaching increase of over 20% in recent years.

Siberian Tigers


The Siberian Tiger, or Amur Tiger is the most common species of Tiger found, yet like all other Tigers, it is still facing a risk from poaching and habitat losses. However, recent counts have suggested an increase of these Tigers in the wild, showing Tiger conservation programs are beginning to work, gaining public support.

South China Tigers


This beautiful species of Tiger is actually the most endangered Tiger in the world with some of the rarer subspecies suspected to be already instinct. These Tigers are so rare that the last confirmed sighting was in 2007 which puts the South China Tiger on the world’s top 10 endangered list. The Chinese authorities banned the killing of these Tigers but this may be too late as it is thought that only around 100 South China Tigers live in the wild and 59 in captivity.

Our photo printed products would display your picture in the finest quality and display your support for Tiger conservation in a perfect way from drinking out of your very own personalised Tiger print mug to displaying a quality canvas print of these beautiful Tigers.

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