8 Places You Must Visit In 2016

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The New Year is here and many people’s resolutions for the New Year are to travel more. To help with this we have put together this article on eight places to visit in 2016. These cities are amazingly beautiful, steeped in rich history and have some fantastic locations that everyone should see at least once in their lives.

Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your trips to these amazing cities. We would be happy to change your favourites into canvas prints for you to display in your home.


Mexico City

Mexico City is renowned for attracting travellers from all over the world who want to experience some of the world best cuisine, museums and forward-thinking design. Mexico City is full of hidden gems located in its many colonias which will give you a truly unique view of this wonderful city.



This breath-taking city located in south-western France is a city filled with history and culture. It is famed for its vineyards and connoisseur’s from around the world regularly visit. Public gardens line the curving Garonne river. Places such as the Three Graces fountain, Place de la Bourse and Cathedrale St-Andre  are just some of the amazing tourists spots on visit.


Malta is a wonderful place to visit, benefitting from the fantastic weather in the central Mediterranean, it is a place that is proud to show its rich history. The numerous fortresses and megalithic temples are something that should be viewed in person along with the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum which is a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers which date back to 3600 BC.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a place that hasn’t been fully infiltrated by today’s world, YET! Big development is being planned for the region so now is the time to go and experience this natural beauty first hand. The U.S. Virgin Islands are an unknown place which makes it a fantastic place to visit as the emphasis is on local over commercial allowing you to get a true feel for the local community.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The park is celebrating its 100th birthday in August this year, so now is the perfect time to view the spectacular red, white and gold badlands of tumbling mud couless. One of the park’s more less visited attractions is Elkhorn Ranch which is well worth a visit.



Situated along the Indian Ocean this southern African nation is a heaven waiting to be explored. Diving and snorkelling are two of the main activities to be taken up whilst on your visit as not all the sites to be seen are above water. A 250km stretch of coral islands are to be explored along with a mangrove-covered Ibo Island has colonial-era ruins.


Toronto is a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers are all dwarfed by the iconic CN Tower. To counteract the towering skyscrapers there are fantastic parks such as Queen’s Park and High Park. This year Toronto host the 2016 NBA All-Star game alongside the annual Toronto International Film Festive.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a very modern city and is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The skylines are filled with modern towers and shopping megacenters. One of the key sites to visit is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which features an immense Persian carpet and crystal chandeliers.

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