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Why Photo Printing Is Still Cool

In this digital era, it has never been easier to take photographs and share them with your loved ones. What once was a trip down memory lane with everyone passing around holiday snaps taken on a disposable camera, is now a quick scroll from side to side on a smartphone. Here at Pixa Prints, we love technology but we also love the art of photography! We’ve put together a list of our top five reasons why we think photo printing is still cool.

Photo printing is more personal

Whether you enjoy taking photographs of new places, events you’ve been to or just like snapping pictures of your loved ones having a good time, when you use a smartphone to do so, the chances are that you will save the photo to your phone and never do anything with it again.

Posting photos to social media is a great way to share your experiences with others and scrolling back through your phone can be a nice way to reminisce but nothing beats having a physical copy of the photo itself.

Call us old fashioned, but passing around photographs and telling people the story behind the lens is something many of us have been brought up with. It brings people together and is a great way to look back on treasured memories. Whilst the embarrassment of your mum digging out the family photos isn’t one to be missed, the art of sharing something personal, is.

Photo printing is art

Now, we’re not saying that there is nothing artistic about snapping your photos, applying a filter and uploading it to Instagram. But the art of photo taking is, well, art.

If you enjoy taking photographs things like lighting, exposure, framing and other factors will all come into play when you line up to take your picture. Capturing something on camera, which you have spotted and appreciated with your naked eye, is an emotional and artistic thing. Holding a finished print in your hands can be much more satisfying than seeing your photo on a screen.

Photo printing is easy and inexpensive

The world of digital is ever changing and whilst this comes with many opportunities and benefits, there is no predicting what will come next. Technology evolves, devices need to be updated and this can be costly. What if your device runs out of storage? What if your files backed up on a hard-drive suddenly vanish? What if your computer changes how it reads image files?

The physics of how light bounces off a piece of paper and how your eyes process it, is not going to change. Yes, photo printing does still cost, however, it is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be. Plus you can now select which photos you want to print, in what size and the quantity. Once you have printed your photos, providing you take care of them, they will last you a lifetime.

It allows you to display your favourite photographs

One of the main reasons for photo printing is to frame and display your photos. Whether you are adding personal touches to your new home, are kitting out your room at uni or are simply gifting a loved one, printing your photos is a great way to remind someone of a person, time or place that means something to you. Without photo printing, it would be very, very costly to display your photos. Imagine having to buy multiple digital photo-frames for every room!

Photo printing is cool

We may be slightly biased but we think that photo printing is still cool – from the retro effect sepia-toned prints right to the bring-your-Instagram-to-life polaroids. Whether you are developing prints from a camera film, printing from a digital device or using an instant Polaroid camera, capturing a great image and printing it out is pretty cool, much cooler than it living in the depths of your iPhone camera album, never to be seen again.

These are just some of the reasons that we believe in photo printing. For photography tips and other great articles, check out our blog page.

Personalised Valentines Gift Idea's

Personalised Valentines Gift Idea’s

It’s often the most thoughtful gifts which are the most memorable, which is why personalised gifts are a great choice for any occasion.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so that lavish bunch of flowers or a fancy box of chocolates may seem like a quick-win but did you know that you can create amazing photo gifts with Pixa Prints in a matter of minutes?

We’ve compiled a list of Personalised Photo Gift Ideas below that are bound to impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Personalised A4 Landscape Photo Book

Remind your partner of the great memories you share together by selecting some of your favourite photographs and creating a personalised Photo Book. Choose how many pages you’d like your Photo Book to have, select a theme, upload your treasured photographs and we’ll take care of the rest! Whether you want your photos to tell a story of your time together, commemorate a special occasion or event, or just want to compile some of your favourite memories into a truly personalised and stunning Photo Book, then this is the perfect gift for you!

Personalised Canvas Print

They say that home is where the heart is and what better way to make a house a home than by displaying some of your favourite photographs together! However, some photographs are more treasurable than others. Our Personalised Canvas Prints are a great way to bring your photos alive, adding personality to any room. Simply select the size of the canvas you’d like, upload your photograph and our experts will create a beautiful photo canvas for you!

Personalised Phone Case

These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone that is very close to hand at all times. For some, it is one of the most prized possessions. This Valentines Day, why not treat your loved one to a Personalised Phone Case, so that they are always reminded of your love for them? You can get creative with our themes and templates, or simply opt for your favourite photograph together. Our Phone Cases are made from a high-quality protective casing, are scratch resistance and are printed with a glossy finish. A practical gift with a personal touch!

Personalised Mug

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact – this goes for gifts as well! If your partner is a tea or coffee lover, or just likes cosying up with a hot chocolate every now and then, then a Personalised Photo Mug will make their day! Simply select your desired mug (we have a range to choose from), upload your photo and add a message. Whether you design a mug with their most embarrassing selfie or play it safe with the perfect snap of the two of you together, our Personalised Mugs are a thoughtful gift for all this Valentines Day.

We hope our list of Personalised Valentines Gift Ideas has helped to inspire your gifting this Valentines Day. Browse our collection of Photo Gifts for more gifting ideas.


How To Use Filters To Get That Perfect Selfie

How To Use Filters To Get That Perfect Selfie

Instagram filters are extremely powerful. They can alter the mood, the tone and the message you wish to convey in a photo, with very little work. This can work in both a positive and a negative way, so it is important you get it right or you could risk looking like you have been up all night partying.


Creating A Photo Wall Using Canvas Prints

If you are decorating on a budget, check out the top tips below for creating a photo wall using canvas prints. A photo wall is a wonderful way to acknowledge achievements, memorialise special people and/or to celebrate your family. The end result will amaze you!

How To Create A Personalised Wall Calendar

How To Create A Personalised Wall Calendar

Creating your own personalised wall calendar is a great way of bringing your pictures to life or creating a unique gift for a loved one and it’s something anyone can do. They are also a good way of remembering birthdays and anniversaries, as well as special memories and days of the year.

Guide To Creating A Photo Book

Guide To Creating A Photo Book

The luxury of a printed photography book is hard to beat. If the book is filled with favourite images you’ve taken yourself, even better! The process can be a little daunting if you’re unsure how to take the first step. Here are some top tips and a couple of insider secrets to help breathe life into your photo book idea.


How To Take A Great Photo

Digital cameras offer a huge variety of different functions. It takes time to get to know exactly how to use a DSLR, but start with the tips below and you will find the rest follows easily.

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