Creating A Photo Wall Using Canvas Prints

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If you are decorating on a budget, check out the top tips below for creating a photo wall using canvas prints. A photo wall is a wonderful way to acknowledge achievements, memorialise special people and/or to celebrate your family. The end result will amaze you!

1. Colour

Use existing motifs and furniture to inform your colour selection. It isn’t absolutely essential that all the colours in your print exactly match those in your furniture, as a new palette can offer a completely new and fresh look to the colours already in your home. Do, however, make sure the colours you choose complement each other. This can be in both a secondary or a tertiary way, using differing shades.

2. Themes

Creating A Photo Wall Using Canvas Prints

It is easier than it has ever been to find canvas prints. There is a vast range of subjects to choose, from nature to abstract. In addition, it is becoming increasingly popular to use personalised photographs and prints to create unique canvases to display in your home or office. There is even software available which will help you to edit your photographs with filters and effects to make them look a certain way. A seemingly bland photograph can be transformed to exactly match the space where it is due to be hung.

3. Function

Before choosing the style of prints to go on your photo wall, consider the function of the room itself. A home office for example, will require quite different prints to ones displayed in a child’s nursery. Even the colours you choose could have a psychological effect – think calming yellow, professional blue or invigorating red.

4. Position

Creating A Photo Wall Using Canvas Prints

The presentation of your prints will depend very much on factors such as the size of the space, the light and the dimensions of the room itself. You may wish to group the canvases together to depict a story or to spread them out so each piece is a standalone statement. There are so many different ways for you to get creative with a photo wall, and that is all part of the fun.

5. Taste

When selecting prints, consider what you will be happy to look at for months or even years to come. The prints you choose should ideally be timeless and should also appeal to the taste of everyone who will see them. Creating a photo wall can be an interesting and exciting way to spend time together as a family – working out the design, identifying the best colours, choosing the prints and, of course, hanging the canvasses themselves. Once it is complete, the photo wall will remind you all not just of the memories made in the photographs themselves but the family time spent creating the photo wall work of art.