How To Protect Your Canvas Print

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Canvas prints are a great way to capture those special moments in your life. With this product you have the flexibility to print images onto a canvas and have it placed around your home. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion you can cherish those special memories with your canvas print. Once your canvas print has been designed and placed in your home it can be prone to damage which is the last thing you want. In this article we will discuss how to protect your canvas print.

There are many potential dangers which could affect your canvas print. As the product is normally hanged in busy areas within you home it is prone to being touched, getting knocked off or removed from the wall or being damaged in various other ways. Canvas prints are a tremendous work of art and naturally a lot of detail has gone into producing them so they should gain the respect they deserve. The images featured on the print can be damaged very easily as it could be accidentally scratched or be damaged by various objects within your home. In addition to this the product can be exposed to dirt accumulating on it which makes it essential to ensure that it is regularly maintained.

So how should this be done?

Applying A Lacquer Layer

The first step you can use is to apply a lacquer layer to your canvas print. This can be done in various ways. The most effective way is by spraying or brushing the layer on to the canvas prints surface. Caution should be taken whilst adopting this method as if you do not brush gently or if you spray excessively then the image on the canvas print could get damaged almost immediately. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself there are various professional companies out there offering this service. Specially trained professionals will ensure that your canvas print is handled with care whilst also enhancing the image which is being displayed.

Making Use Of Canvas Varnish

Canvas varnish is brilliant in protecting your canvas print. Not only does this vanish protect your product but it will ensure that the quality of your image can be visible for many years. The varnish was specifically designed to ensure that canvas prints do not get damaged in anyway. Typically the varnish is available in four different finishes which are semi-gloss, gloss, matt and semi-matt finish. Each of these have their own various benefits but usually a matt and semi-matt finish is used when the canvas print is exposed to direct sunlight and semi-gloss and gloss have a direct impact on the colours being used. If your canvas print is exposed to sunlight there is a danger that the colours being used on the image can fade away easily which is that last thing you need. Also the canvas varnish makes your canvas print damp proof and protects them against mould and mechanical damages. It is highly recommend to make use of canvas varnish at least once on your canvas print.

By following the steps mentioned above your canvas prints will continue to brighten up your home whilst lasting for many years.

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