How To Create Your Own Motivational Art Prints

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Motivational Art Prints

One of the great things about photo printing today is the ability to truly customise your prints and be creative with your images. Rather than scouring the internet for a print containing your favourite quote or image, we’re here to show you how easy it is to design your own motivational art prints. Not only do they look great but they can also help to boost your mood and help you keep your goals in mind!

Step One – Select Your Printing Method

First thing’s first, you will need to decide how you would like your motivational art print to be displayed. Are you looking for a minimalistic photo print which you can display in a chic frame? Are you looking to personalise your space with a motivational wall poster? Or perhaps you’d prefer to make a statement with a canvas print which you can gift to a loved one? Whichever method you choose, Pixa Prints can help you design a high-quality piece that’s beautiful, with meaning, that will inspire you every day!

Step Two – Find Your Motivational Quote

Once you have decided how you would like your print to be displayed, it is time to start planning your masterpiece and find your motivational quote. Inspiring and motivational quotes are easy to come by but it’s important to find one that really resonates with you. Perhaps you have a favourite quote from a book, a lyric from a song, or a famous quote from a public figure you look up to. If you can’t think of a particular quote or mantra that moves you, you can always turn to sites such as Instagram, Pinterest or even BrainyQuote for some inspiration.

Step Three – Design Your Background

With your favourite quote in mind, it’s time to decide what kind of background you would like to use. With each of our products featuring a range of template designs and customizable features, you can be left feeling spoilt for choice. Perhaps you would like to keep things simple with a quote printed onto a plain or colourful background. Or maybe there is an image (or a selection of images) which means a lot to you or brings joy to you whenever you look at it. Once you have decided on your format and selected your background, it’s time to customise your print!

Step Four – Customise Your Print

Once your background is looking inspiring, it’s time to add your motivational quote. Whichever printing method you have decided to go for, our editing tools are simple to use and offer lots of cool tools which you can use to personalise your design. When adding text to your design, you’ll notice that a toolbar appears any time you have a textbox selected. In this toolbar, you can change the Font Family, Colors, Blend Mode, Opacity, and more! You can click and drag the textboxes to rearrange them on your template, resize and rotate them until you find a design that you are happy with.

Step Five – Sit Back, Relax and Wait For Your Print to Arrive

When you have finalised your design and are ready to print, our team will then take over. Don’t worry, your masterpiece is in safe hands! Depending on the printing method you have chosen, our dedicated team of photo experts will make sure that your design is carefully printed to the highest standard. We can’t wait to ship your item so that you can display your beautiful creation in your home, office or even give it as a gift to someone in your life who needs an extra dose of motivation.

So there you have it, our simple step by step guide on how to create your own motivational art prints.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to personalise your space with a truly unique print, head over to our wall art page to get started!


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