Personalised Home Decor Ideas

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Personalised Home Decor

What’s the difference between a house and a home? Some might say that a home is a place which is lived in and feels like you’re own. Whether you are living alone, with friends, family or your special someone, we have compiled a list of personalised home decor ideas to make a space really feel like your own.

Personalised Calendars

Calendars are a great way to keep your life organised and make note of key events. But if you’re going to look at something every day, why not make it a joy to look at? Our Personalised Calendars allow anyone to add colour, fun and meaning to their home. Simply select the size, style and template of your calendar and upload your own photographs. You can really get creative with your own text and photos. Not only will our Personalised Calendars add a personal touch to your home, but they make great gifts too!

Personalised Canvas Prints

Here at Pixa Prints, we understand that some photographs are more treasurable than others. Our Personalised Canvas Prints are perfect for showcasing your favourite photos and adding a personal touch to your home. Simply select the size of the canvas you’d like, upload your photograph and our experts will create a beautiful photo canvas for you!

Personalised Coasters and Personalised Placemats

Sometimes making your house a home comes from adding the finishing touches, those smaller pieces which capture your personality and bring your home to life! Our Personalised Coasters and Personalised Placemats will definitely brighten up your decor – and they’re super useful too!

From picture-perfect landscape shots to photos of your nearest and dearest, you can protect your surfaces in style with our personalisable range of coasters and placemats.

Personalised Photo Blocks

Ever wanted to display a really great photo but struggled to find the perfect frame? Our Personalised Photo Block’s are designed to take your photos and create a stunning display piece, fit for any home. Let your photographs or artwork speak for themselves with our quality printed, high gloss finish photo blocks!

Personalised Photo Magnets

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where everybody gathers. Our Personalised Photo Magnets are a great way to capture the character of your home – plus they’ll keep all your memos and notes safe too, right where you can see them!

You can create personalised photo magnets using any photo. Inject some fun into your decor by rounding up the photos which really make you smile. What better way to start the day than seeing your favourite snaps all in one place?

Here are just some of our personalised home decor ideas. Why not check out our range of photo prints and wall art for even more inspiration!

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