Spring Photography Tips

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Spring Photography Tips

Spring is finally upon us and is packed with new life, growth and plenty of colour, making it the perfect season to dust off your camera and go out taking photos. Here are some of our top tips for improving your photography this Spring.

Tip #1 – Get up close to your subject

Sometimes less is more, and this rule can apply to photography too! Trying to include too many things into a single photo can really spoil the image. Therefore, our first tip is to narrow down your subjects.

Once you have found a subject or scene that you want to photograph, it’s time to get up close.

Look at the edges of the image – is there anything in the frame that is distracting, unnecessary or displeasing to the eye? Does your subject jump out at you or is it lost within the image? Does your image have the desired effect? Is it how you pictured when taking in the scene with your naked eye?

Get closer to your subject, crop out anything which you think compromises the shot, take your picture and review the image again.

Tip #2 –  Think about the background

Which angle you take your picture from, the direction in which you point your camera and the background you choose for your subject are all things which can make or break an image. When capturing your image, ask yourself: Is the background complimentary to this image or is it shifting my focus?

If the background is not adding anything to your image, it may be taking away from the subject. Factors such as brightly coloured objects or areas, high contrast, sharp focus or areas which are out of focus, can all compromise your image. So try using different camera angles or point your camera in another direction, try cropping the image or getting even closer to your subject. You will need to move around to get the perfect shot!

Tip #3 – Use the light and shadow

Light and shadow play a huge part in photography and can often result in some of the most beautiful images when utilised correctly. Spring introduces a lot of natural light thanks to longer days and generally more sunshine – so make the most of it and dust off your camera!

Try to think of light as a subject of your image too, not just an element or technique which can flatter your existing frame. Use the light to tell a story or capture a mood or feeling.

Using light can enhance textures, highlight subjects and create silhouettes. Try using soft light to create delicate highlights or subtle backlighting. Or play with shadows to create drama, add impact or create dimensions.

Tip #4 – Get down low

Spring is a season of new life, change and growth. One of the best ways to capture Spring in action is to change your perspective and literally, get down on the ground.

By choosing a camera angle that is outside of the usual ‘eye level’ shot, your images will stand out from the crowd. Looking up from ground level adds a whole new perspective to photography and will allow you to capture something unique and interesting.

For example, if you were to take a photo of budding flowers you would capture the stems, the leaves, the petals and see the life and veins of nature in action, blooming during Spring. Not only that, but taking photographs from ground level will also add natural backlighting to your photographs!

Tip #5 – Shoot from dawn until dusk

Now we’re not suggesting that you go out and take photographs all day long (however that does sound like a perfect day to us!) but one of our favourite tips for bettering your photography this Spring is to get out and shoot photos during sunrise and sunset.

When it comes to capturing flora, fauna and natural elements during Springtime, dawn and dusk are the perfect times of day to do so. The sun creates beautiful highlights and shadows, the streets are generally quite still and nature really comes to life!

Think of birds in flight, soaring across a honey-coloured sky or beautiful, bright daffodils gentle swaying across fields of luscious green. If you are willing to sacrifice an hour or so of sleep to get up early and shoot the sunrise, then you are bound to capture something special.

Tip #6 – Be prepared for all weathers

The weather can be quite unpredictable during Spring but this can make for some really great photographs both during and after rainfall! That being said, the last thing you want is to ruin your kit or be walking around in wet clothes. If you are going to dedicate the day to take photographs, be sure to check the weather forecast and leave the house prepared.

So there you have it, here are just a few of our Spring photography tips. We have plenty more where that came from. Check out our hints and tips section for even more photography know-how!

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