How To Make The Most Of Your Holiday Photos

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With the arrival of October our short and sometimes sweet summer is well and truly over and the countdown to Christmas begins, although sunshine might be a distant memory don’t allow your summer holiday to become a distant memory, taking up memory, on your phone or camera. Gone are the days of getting a roll of film developed, nervously awaiting the results of your ammateur photography and then placing the non-blurred shots into a photo album. These days taking a photograph is easier than ever with most of us having cameras on our mobile phones or owning a digital camera but this ease is accompanied by laziness, our photographs stay on our phones and memory cards and the only time we look at them is when we need to free up some memory.

The problem with storing memories on your phone, computer or camera is that it is far too easy for these photographs to disappear and there’s nothing worse than losing your honeymoon photographs to a software update. We are not calling for film photography to make a triumphant return we just think people need to do more to cherish those precious memories – still take your selfie-stick selfies just make sure you do something with them! In years you might look back and wonder what on earth you were doing carrying around a selfie contraption but at least you will still have the memories to look back on 10 phone upgrades down the line.




Now is the perfect time to rid those holiday blues and make something from your holiday photos, forget traipsing down a cold high street this weekend and get creative, this way you can continue to enjoy your holiday for years to come.

Here are some of our favourite ways to make the most of your holiday photos;

Create A Photo Gallery

Depending on how many photographs you have in mind this could be a ‘work in progress’ project or one you can tackle in one go. One of our favourite gallery ideas is one that runs alongside your stairs – these images can be uniform or mismatch, we would generally opt for mismatch as it adds charm and creates a more interesting focal point. We recommend either framing your photos or using canvas prints to create a stunning gallery of memories.



Create A Photobook or Album

If plastering your home with holiday photos isn’t your thing there are plenty of more discrete options. A modern favourite is the photobook, which is exactly what it says on the tin. A photobook is a hassle free way to display all of your favourite pictures in one place, completely customisable and  can also double up as a great unique gift. All you need to do is export your photographs from your device and upload the images to the Pixa Prints website and create your masterpiece. If sitting on the living room floor surrounded by prints and carefully placing your photographs into an album is more up your street you can get fantastic high quality affordable prints all from the comfort of your own home. Firstly you will need to export your images from your device then upload them to the Pixa Prints website and from there all you need to do is choose which prints you would like to be printed and click order! It’s as easy as that!



Create a Calendar of Memories

A calendar is a great way to display your holiday photos all year round, every month you get a lovely little reminder of your fantastic holiday. Choose a selection of your favourite holiday photos and upload the images to the Pixa Prints website where you can create your calendar. A personalised photo calendar can also act as a great gift for grandparents, who tend to miss out on such photographs as they go straight to Facebook and Granny and Grandad get forgotten about!
Now you’ve got the inspiration you need to treasure your holiday memories it’s time to get creative, here at Pixa Prints we have everything you need to make those holiday snaps last a lifetime. Click here for all of your photographic needs.

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