A Guide To Winter Wedding Favours

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It’s time to get creative, wedding favours can be a difficult to get right and it’s important to give your guests something they really want to take home. Personalising your wedding favours is a great way to get creative and provide a truly memorable gift. We’ve put together a few of our favourite personalised wedding favours that will showcase your personality and wow your guests! The following personalisation can be achieved using our fantastic fully customisable personalised stickers, add a personalised sticker to your favour and make a seeming ordinary item extraordinary!

Custom Jam Jar Labels – Spread the Love!


A fun and quirky gift that will certainly get your guests talking. Whether you want to make your own jam or create another jarred delight these showstopping favours will definitely be going home with you guests and can be enjoyed for weeks after the big day!

Custom Drink Labels – Pop, Fizz, Clink!


Take an uninteresting drinks bottle and make it something truly special. You can customise the main label of the bottle or even the lid, you can even stick your own love story on the back of the bottle, the possibilities are endless!

Custom Matchboxes – A Perfect Match!


A winter wedding must have! A perfectly practical and creative favour that your guests will love and treasure. Wedding favours tend to be more novelty rather than being useful and these thoughtful matchboxes prove that practical doesn’t have to be boring!

Custom Bakery Boxes – A Slice of Happiness!


Personalised cake boxes are a great way to give your guests a slice of your wedding cake in a unique and memorable fashion! These beautiful boxes can double up as great storage boxes so your guests can store their trinkets and treasure your wedding for years to come!

Custom Chocolate Bars – Love is Sweet!


Chocolate is always a safe bet when trying to please your guests, adding a personal touch will give your guests something to talk about whilst undoubtedly satisfying their sweet tooth! Personalised chocolate bars are also great gifts to thank the page boys and flower girls as every child loves chocolate and is a great way to keep them occupied during the all important speeches!  

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