The Best Family Portrait Christmas Card Ideas

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Whether you started planning your festive family portrait back in the summer months or you’ve left it last minute, we’re here to help! From overly cute baking sessions with your children or frolicking around the autumn leaves, there are endless way for you and your family to get the ultimate photograph to feature on your family Christmas card. We’ve decided to take the pain away from hours of brainstorming trying to find the perfect pose, after all Christmas is all about giving. All you will have to do is get the family together and strike a pose!

Make people laugh 

Adding a touch of humour is sure to make your Christmas card stand out and memorable. All you need to do is come up with a fun unique idea including the whole family!


Get your pets involved

Everyone loves a funny or cute photograph especially when animals are involved. Reach for your Christmas lights and your festive doggy jumper and you’re onto a guaranteed winner! The only hard part is getting your pet to stay still so good luck!

Everyone loves a baby

If you’ve got one to hand then definitely use it, you’re beautiful bundle of joy will take pride of place on your recipients mantlepiece. There are countless ideas when it comes to Christmassy themed baby photos all you need to do is pick one which is definitely easier said than done!


Fantastic fancy dress

Festive fancy dress is sure to raise some smiles, try to get creative with your costumes as this theme is one of the more common themes. It may be the obvious option but if executed correctly it can be incredibly effective.


Share The Love

‘Tis the season for all things magical so why not share your most romantic moments with your family. Maybe you’ve recently got engaged or married and you’re feeling full of love so why not capture those special moments and turn them into a festive favourite!


Family time

Finally the classic family portrait, although this is done all over the world only you have your family so it will always be unique and treasured no matter what. A great excuse to get all the family together with the ability to treasure those precious family moments for years to come. The hard part will be getting a final photograph that all members of the family are happy with!
We hope we’ve managed to inspire you to get your family together and create memories that will last a lifetime, such family portraits should not be limited to Christmas cards there are numerous products that can be customised with your beautiful family photograph. Such products can be given as gifts or can be kept as precious momento. To find out more about how you can cherish your family photo for a lifetime please click here.

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