Places To Take Your Mum For Mother’s Day

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Places To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a fabulous opportunity for sons and daughters to spend time with their mum and show her how special she is. Traditionally, children give gifts of cards, flowers and chocolates, take advantage of the Mother’s Day menus many restaurants offer for the occasion or organize something for their mum to enjoy.

Planning an activity is a good way to spend some quality time with your mum on Mother’s Day. Taking the time to organize something she will enjoy makes this day extra meaningful. After all, everyone likes a treat designed especially with them in mind.

If you need a little inspiration, take a look these suggestions and let your imagination get to work.


Places To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

Spa sessions cover everything from massage and facials to hot-stone therapy and manicures. Although popular as a mother-daughter activity, there are plenty of beauty and grooming treatments which don’t involve being separated by gender, so for a mother-son or son-daughter activity look for venues offering treatments such as Indian head massage or reflexology.

If you like the theme but want something more unusual, how about booking a fish pedicure or a session in a flotation tank?

Afternoon Tea Treats

Places To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

Calories don’t count on a special day, so indulging gets the green light. If your mum is into food, you can’t beat a good afternoon tea. Choose the location carefully – ideally, you want somewhere with a great view or fancy décor; after all, indulgence calls for atmosphere!

Standard afternoon tea includes sandwiches, scones with cream and cake and drink, with Prosecco featuring as an extra on most menus.

Make Something Together

Places To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

For a more practical activity with your mum, try booking a one-day course where you get to create something unique. All around the country there are special workshops where you can make all kinds of things. These include eatables, such as chocolates or curry, as well as creative options like making an evening bag, perfume, a fascinator or even shoes.

Add a physical twist by volunteering to help repair public walkways or dry stone walls.

Rekindle Old Memories

Places To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

Celebrate the unique bond between mother and child by visiting the past. Taking a trip down memory lane could start with old photographs and memories, but take it further by visiting places from her past and yours – perhaps her childhood home, the school she went to or the place where she got married. Make sure to take pictures of you both at each significant place, and then later you can have the best shots made into canvas prints, creating keepsakes that you can both treasure.

Have an Adventure

Places To Take Your Mum For Mother's Day

If doing something active and thrilling is more your mum’s thing, there are lots of exciting things you can do together. Why not hire a classic car and enjoy a drive to your favourite scenic spots or go up a gear with a race-track experience? If heights are no problem, a hot air balloon ride or a hang-gliding lesson both offer the opportunity to create amazing shared memories.

Enjoy the opportunity to treat your mother to a special day out and make some amazing memories, whatever you choose to do.

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