2017 Personalised Wall Calendar Ideas

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2017 Personalised Wall Calander Ideas

Are you one of those people who has everything organised down to a tee? No? Don’t worry, there’s a whole host of us who need that little bit of help to stay on top of important dates. A simple calendar could quite easily help you prepare for the upcoming year but why go simple when you can personalise it?

Personalising your own calendar can take minutes with the help of inbuilt photo upload and editing software. Adding photos is an obvious start, but what else can you do to make your calendar more you?

Family photo calendars are a great way of showcasing those you love, you can even add text to your photos to add funny captions or even just to write the subject’s name next to their pretty picture. Don’t forget pets come under the family category too, who doesn’t want to see a cheeky photo of Rover grinning, or Mittens looking super cool?

2017 Personalised Wall Calander Ideas

Adding images doesn’t stop with family photos. Why not show off your pictures from your travels? Instead of leaving them in a photo album which rarely sees the light of day, you can put them on show for everyone to see. You can even add motivational quotes to help you achieve whatever your current goal is.

If you’re a budding artist, you can always showcase your work where visitors to your home/office can see. Or maybe you just want to show how proud you are of your children’s paintings. There’s nothing guaranteed to make you smile more than seeing your child’s wonky, unflattering sketch of you that they took their time to draw.

2017 Personalised Wall Calendar

Maybe you’re just so indecisive that you can’t decide which photo to put in that empty space in the kitchen? How about putting a calendar there with a different photo every month? Perfect if you get bored of seeing the same images every day.

Not only do you get to choose the prints you have on your calendar, you also get to add text to it so you never miss a birthday or special occasion. If your handwriting isn’t up to par, or maybe you just don’t want to risk smudging the ink like you end up doing every year, you can add your own text to each specific date to keep it practical and neat. A picture perfect calendar for the perfectionist! Or even as a subtle gift to say ‘please don’t forget’ to those who aren’t the best at remembering special events.

Personalised calendars don’t always have to be hung with pride on the wall, maybe you want one for your work desk. That’s the beauty of these types of calendars, you can personalise it to whatever suits you! You can still have all of the same perks of a wall calendar but as a smaller, desk version.

2017 Personalised Wall Calendar Ideas

One of the best features of personalised calendars is that you can choose the start month. No more wondering if it’s worth getting one once January is over, just start it from the next month!

So what are you waiting for? Personalise your next calendar with whatever makes you, you!

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