2017 Personalised Wall Calander Ideas

2017 Personalised Wall Calendar Ideas

Are you one of those people who has everything organised down to a tee? No? Don’t worry, there’s a whole host of us who need that little bit of help to stay on top of important dates. A simple calendar could quite easily help you prepare for the upcoming year but why go simple when you can personalise it? (more…)

University Life Your Guide To Freshers Week

University Life – Your Guide To Freshers

Are you off to university soon? Are you a little worried about meeting new people? Or do you find the thought of living in a new city slightly daunting?  

… Be calm. It’s not as bad as it seems! Especially if you follow our handy freshers guide.

Here, we’ve listed all of the things you need to consider when leaving your parents for a new life of responsibility, lectures and socialising. (more…)

The Top Girls Summer Holiday Destinations 2016

Quiet cocktails on the beach with your main gal? Or island adventures with the whole gang? Summer is here and we know exactly how to make your group chat a lot less stressful. Here are the best beaches and bars we have found for you to go rock all of your favourite holiday outfits, cocktail in hand at one of this year’s top hot spots.

Here are the holidays guaranteed to make you and your friends the Instagram envy of everyone. (more…)

How to Photograph in Manual Mode

If you’re keen to start taking amazing photographs with your brand new DSLR camera, there’s only one way to ensure that you’ll achieve great results every single time you take a shot – manual mode. Switching that dial atop your camera around from the icon of the mountains, or the flower, can seem daunting at first, but once you’ve landed on the ‘M’ and have got to grips with exactly what it means to take a photograph, you’ll be taking stunning photographs! (more…)

The Most Romantic Cities in the World

Get lost, fall in love and rediscover your passion in the most stunning cities on earth. Whether history and legends stoke your fire, or if you’re more keen on the beauty of a crowd at a carnival, this list of the most romantic cities in the world will be sure to inspire and captivate your imagination and desire. It’s fair to say you can fall in love no matter where you are, but there’s a certain magic to these cities… (more…)

10 Caribbean Islands For Dreamy Canvas Prints

The Caribbean is a wonderful place that has thousands of islands to explore all of which can offer the perfect background for them fantastic holiday pictures which can then be turned into canvas prints to be hung in your home. With its fabulous weather, beautiful sandy beaches and welcoming people the Caribbean is an extremely popular holiday destination. Caribbean cruises are something that people say everyone should experience once. (more…)

8 Fantastic Unknown Islands For The Perfect Holiday Snaps

Every year holiday makers look for the perfect holiday destination, that picturesque paradise to escape to, to relieve themselves from the stresses of normal life. Some people have already found this place but for those still looking we have a list of 8 unknown islands which could quite easily become your escape, and if not at the very least give you a great opportunity for some fabulous holiday snaps. (more…)

Where To Go In Greece: 10 Must See Greek Islands

The summer holidays are creeping closer and that means one thing, holidays! Making now the perfect time to start looking for your holiday destination. We’ve put together 10 of the best Greek islands to kick start you holiday inspiration.

With its idyllic blue waters, white-washed walls and relaxed attitude, it’s not hard to see why holidaymakers fall hard for the picturesque Greek Islands. (more…)

Sporting Moments Captured On Canvas

There are some truly magnificent sporting moments which stick with everyone who is interested in sport and also those who aren’t. These moments can inspire generations of youngsters to take up the sport and give individuals a level of stardom and fame which few people achieve. Some of these fantastic sporting moments have been captured by photograph and transferred onto canvas print to be remembered forever. (more…)

How To Create A Photo Book For Mother’s Day Gifting

Mother’s Day is just around the corner which means now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can make this Mother’s Day extra special. Even though you should be reminding your mum just how much she means to you on a regular basis, Mother’s Day is the one day you can treat you mum and go the extra mile. Make this year’s Mother’s Day memorable, forget the flowers and a card why not get something more personal? A photo book is a great, fun way to show your mum just how much she means to you and provides hours of reminiscent entertainment. We all know mums like to get out our childhood photographs out whether it be to embarrass us in front of friends, partners or to reminisce on past memories, so why not give her the gift that lets her look through all of those treasured moments again. (more…)

Truly Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Photo Gifts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there isn’t a better time to put on your thoughtful cap and get thinking on how to impress your Valentine this year. Of course you can reach for the love-heart-shaped box of chocolates or the obvious choice of a bunch of flowers but none of that really requires much thought so why not think outside of the box and wow your loved one this Valentine’s Day. (more…)

The Best Family Portrait Christmas Card Ideas

Whether you started planning your festive family portrait back in the summer months or you’ve left it last minute, we’re here to help! From overly cute baking sessions with your children or frolicking around the autumn leaves, there are endless way for you and your family to get the ultimate photograph to feature on your family Christmas card. We’ve decided to take the pain away from hours of brainstorming trying to find the perfect pose, after all Christmas is all about giving. All you will have to do is get the family together and strike a pose! (more…)

Best Places To Photograph In Scotland

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and for photographers; it is paradise with its many lochs, peaks, beaches and castles. There are so many beautiful locations to photograph in this wonderful country. If you are wondering where to go to get some great photography, we have put together this article to give you some ideas. (more…)

World’s Best Sunsets

If you enjoy photography and particularly enjoy taking photos of sunsets then it may be worth travelling around to take a picture of some of the most stunning sunset locations in the world. We have listed locations that boast the most beautiful and stunning sunsets, if you are ever in any of these countries then these locations are definitely worth a visit.


Best Places In The UK To Photograph

If you are passionate about photography then you may be looking for some of the best spots in the UK for photography. You don’t have to go abroad to capture some truly stunning photographs as there are plenty of places in the UK which will provide you with an excellent view and give you plenty of opportunity to use your camera. It may be an idea to select your best photographs and create some wall prints with them, which can be done with PixaPrints. We have selected some of the best and stunning locations to capture the best photographs.


7 Amazing Landscapes To Use On Your Canvas

We have found 7 truly breath taking landscapes that will make amazing visuals when placed onto a canvas. Here at PixaPrints we love people sending us their own images to place onto a canvas as each one has a unique and deeply personal story behind the image, but for those who are struggling for inspiration the scenes below will look perfect in all environments no matter where you plan on hanging your canvas. You could also visit these areas yourself and see these wonderful natural landscapes with your own eyes.