University Life – Your Guide To Freshers

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University Life Your Guide To Freshers Week

Are you off to university soon? Are you a little worried about meeting new people? Or do you find the thought of living in a new city slightly daunting?  

… Be calm. It’s not as bad as it seems! Especially if you follow our handy freshers guide.

Here, we’ve listed all of the things you need to consider when leaving your parents for a new life of responsibility, lectures and socialising.

So when it comes to relaxing in your new digs and you have absolutely no worries… we expect a thank you letter 🙂  

(just kidding)

Kit Yourself Out

We’re talking everything from pots and pans to pens and note pads. Give your parents a shout for this one, because there’s bound to be things you wouldn’t of even thought of. And you don’t want to end up doing a second shop when you get there.

University Life Your Guide To Freshers Week

Shop for the essentials

(Oh and buy a laundry bag too. Your halls will have a laundry service nearby so you’ll need to be able to carry dirty clothing from one area to another).

A Bank Account

Make sure you have a bank account (or student bank account) before starting university. Some banks also offer short term loans and overdrafts too, which are handy because you won’t get your student loan straight away!

Be careful with money though, and make sure you budget a certain amount per week for food, bills (like your phone bill), social occasions and weekly essentials like milk and bread.

You may also have to pay for some additional exams as part of your course.

Check Welcome Emails

Generally, your university will send you regular updates about what to do and where to be on particular days. You may also get access to an ‘intranet’ service so you can check your upcoming lectures.

University Life Your Guide To Freshers Week

check important emails

Try to be on the ball with this one. You don’t want to look bad before you’ve even started. (plus, you might get to go on some fun local trips and icebreakers)

Halls Of Residence

Move in to halls of residence as soon as you can.

There’s nothing worse than moving in late, knowing that the rest of your housemates have already formed bonds with each other.

Either way, be open and friendly with everyone – because university is about forming friendships with people you wouldn’t normally have socialised with.

University Life Your Guide To Freshers Week

making friends in halls of residence

It also means you’ve got more time to get everything sorted out. (like bedding, unpacking etc.)

Check Out University Support Services

Every university has a range of support services which includes;

  • A Careers service
  • Disabilities service
  • Health and safety
  • International student services
  • Student funding/emergency loans department
  • Counselling service
  • Chaplaincy
  • Language centre

If you can’t find any of the services, your students union will usually have an information desk. Pop in and they’ll generally have a batch of campus maps etc.

Check Out Your Surroundings

The first things you’ll need to seek out are;

  • The local doctors, hospital and dentist practice
  • The nearest town centre & supermarket
  • The nearest police station (or police officer representative)
  • The security warden (for your halls of residence)
  • Taxis and public transport
  • The nearest train station

Once you’re aware of the above, you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong – you’ll know what to do or where to go.

Go To Freshers Fairs!

In the first week of university, freshers fairs are the place to be.

You’ll find out more about the town, the campus, the services mentioned above, activities in the area, activities with clubs and societies…and you’ll be overwhelmed with freebies. (including food)

University Life Your Guide To Freshers Week

find out everything you need to know at the freshers fair

You’ll also inevitably meet people who are studying the same course as you.

Freshers Night Time

Most student unions have a roster of fantastic night time events too, from disco’s and big name acts to comedy and quiz nights. So there’s pretty much something for everyone.

This year’s highlights include;

Most of all…. Enjoy yourself!

You’ll be surprised how quickly each academic year passes while studying, so just make sure you enjoy every moment (and study hard….obviously!).

Meet new people, do things you wouldn’t normally do (within reason), and take plenty of pictures, selfies and group photos.

That way, you’ll be able to collect photos in a photobook (or on Facebook), and look back on your time at university with fond memories.

If we’ve not included your students union freshers listings, it should be easy enough to request an information pack.

Freshers can be a fantastic time for everyone, but make sure you drink responsibly at all times. Visit Drink Aware for more information.

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