The Most Romantic Cities in the World

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Get lost, fall in love and rediscover your passion in the most stunning cities on earth. Whether history and legends stoke your fire, or if you’re more keen on the beauty of a crowd at a carnival, this list of the most romantic cities in the world will be sure to inspire and captivate your imagination and desire. It’s fair to say you can fall in love no matter where you are, but there’s a certain magic to these cities…


Yes, of course, Paris! Widely regarded as the most romantic city in the world, this clichéd city of love has so much to offer those looking for that amorous break, and retains it’s status as a must-visit destination. If you have never visited this beautiful city before, it’s time to explore all the abundance that the city of eternal love has to offer.

It’s certainly worth playing the tourist if it’s your first, or even second, visit to Paris – explore the enormous and priceless collections of art and cultural history at the Louvre; gaze at the industrial splendour of the Eiffel Tower; and saunter gently together to the heights of Montmartre to gaze over the sprawling city beneath you. But explore a little further and you’ll find a deeper, even more romantic, side to Paris that will reveal why this city has such an impassioning effect on those that visit.

The Temple of Love, in the gardens of Versaille is the site of many of Marie Antoinette’s garden parties and is an amazing place to watch the sunset together.

How about recreating the spaghetti scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp? A hidden passage at number 159 on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine is where you’ll find Fabrizio’s home made pastas and pizzas and the iconic setting itself.

Ever fancied driving around Paris in an iconic French Citroën 2CV? With 4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie you can sit back and relax, as a kindly chauffeur in traditional striped attire takes you around the sites of gay Paris in this stylish vintage vehicle. Book here!

Visit musée de la vie romantique and relax in the stately environment and old-world charm of it’s beautiful courtyards and gardens. Here the likes of Rossini, Chopin and Dickens came to relax. What better place to discover love?


The undisputed capital of honeymoons, Venice, in Northern Italy’s beautiful Veneto region, is undeniably breathtaking. Built on 100 small islands that jut out into the Adriatic sea, the unique and timeless architecture and culture of this 1,500 year-old city can’t help but inspire love. With a labyrinth of canals lined with pastel coloured facades and sun-drenched rooftops, you’ll find plenty to occupy yourselves with in this historic city.

It’s certainly worth visiting the glory of St. Mark’s Sqaure, but sneak behind the hustle and bustle of the tourist trap to the West, and explore the Cannaregio area, which is full of atmosphere and charm, allowing you to kick back a little and stroll.

Why not visit a bacaro – a small wine bar, frequented by the locals, where you can chat and have a quick bite to eat between all the sight seeing? There is nothing quite as romantic as sitting alongside a quiet canal in Venice with some local fair, talking about sweet nothings!


Nestled into the gentle Tuscan hills, Florence is a thriving city that blends unrivalled history and culture with top-end Italian fashion and culinary delights as only this city can. There is so much to see and do in Florence, and it’s all fairly neatly contained in the old city limits – meaning you can stroll from one sight to the next with ease.

Sit in bustling piazzas in the late evening; wander around the stunning romanesque Boboli Gardens before a siesta; or take in the sunset from the jeweller-lined Ponte Vecchio. Whatever you choose to do in this beautiful city you will feel the romance around every corner. And talking of every corner, if high quality ice cream is your thing, there are so many gelaterias to try, you’ll be hard pressed to pick a favourite!

It’s worth braving the extremely long queues that spiral around the imposing figure of Filippo Brunelleschi’s Duomo. Clambering up through the roof of this mind-blowing structure is certainly a bit of a workout, but the view from the top over the golden, tanned rooftops of the city makes the ascent more than worthwhile. Looking for food? Take a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of the main attractions and you’ll find a wealth of beautiful romantic restaurants to suit any budget.


Stepping further afield for a romantic getaway? Try exploring the paradise of Rarotonga – a tiny island in the middle of the Southern Pacific. With temperatures seemingly stuck in the mid-20s  degrees celsius, crystal clear turquoise seas full of vibrant tropical fish, and soft white sand always between your toes, there is hardly a more perfect escape for romance.

Your first experience of the beautiful people of this stunning Polynesian island is most likely to be the simple soothing sound of Jake Numanga, or “Papa” Jake. For 35 years, this smiling 75 year-old has serenaded many who pass through the arrivals and departures lounge at the international airport with his ukulele.

After leaving the airport, your taxi driver will simply ask you whether you want to go clockwise or anti-clockwise. With only one small road running around the island, the pace of life on this Pacific Island paradise is infectiously slow. Take advantage of this slow-down as much as you can, and fall in love again.

A quick half-an-hour flight from Rarotonga will take you to Aitutaki – an even smaller island in the Cook Islands group, and what is widely regarded as the most beautiful lagoon on earth. The clear water in the centre of this paradise contrasts vividly with the deep blue of the sea and the dramatic towering clouds floating lazily over the Pacific. Swim together, snorkel, and sun bathe on this honeymoon island.



This grand, bustling and impressive city will fill your senses. Lively markets stuffed full of fragrant spices, colourful tapestries, street food and infinitely varied people – there is hardly a more exotic and unique city in the world. At the foot of the mighty Atlas Mountains, and skirting the legend-laden Sahara desert, Marrakesh might just be your perfect romantic getaway.

Stay in a world-class, romantic boutique hotel, called a Riad. Indulge in a couples Hammam – a Morrocan version of a Turkish Bath. Set out on a camel trek into the Sahara desert with a crew of guides. Enjoy a sumptuous private dinner in a traditional Berber tent, or visit tranquil, picturesque Atlas Mountain villages with a picnic. As you dine by candlelight, listening to the soothing sound of a distant call to prayer, you’ll fall in love with Morocco and with one another.

New York City

It might not seem like the most obvious choice for a romantic break, but New York City has a huge amount to offer those looking for love. As the most photographed and filmed city on earth, most of us can name many a romantic movie set in New York City. From the romantic escapades of Friends, to the chick-flick vibes of Sleepless in Seattle, the big apple has had a huge impact on popular culture’s picture of love.

Visit the different neighbourhoods of this sprawling metropolis to experience the most that it has to offer the romance-seeking traveller. As in most cities around the world, the sights are a great place to start, and the subway system makes it a doddle to get around Manhattan to see as many as you can. Take a romantic stroll through the central park you’ve seen so often in hollywood – especially the bow bridge (selfie time!); enjoy a show on broadway; gaze at the dazzling lights of Times Square, or join in the great debate about which is the best pizza in the city – there are limitless possibilities here!

One of the newer, slightly hidden gems of the city is the High Line. Built on an abandoned, raised railway track that snakes through the west of Manhattan, into the meatpacking district, this unique and wildflower-dressed urban landscape is the ideal location for a stroll. From oversized benches that will have you in stitches, to exclusive high rise buildings donning the latest world-class graffiti, this inspiring and contemporary addition to New York should be near the top of your to-visit list.

If culinary highlights are your thing, Little Italy, or Chinatown are bustling, urban hives, full of interesting restaurants to tingle your taste-buds. The breathtaking view from the top of the Met’s Roof Garden Café and Martini Bar on the Upper East Side is an amazing place for a date! Whatever you choose to do in the capital of the world, you’ll be sure to find romance everywhere.


Every image you might conjure up of the romance of Spain is here in Seville – bullfights, sun-kissed oranges, flamenco dancing, tapas, and colourful cathedrals. Christopher Columbus once said, “The air soft as that of Seville in April, and so fragrant that it was delicious to breathe it”. With its semi-tropical climate, chilled Latin atmosphere, and easily-accessible romantic sights to visit, now’s the time to take your passion to Seville.

The breathtaking array of colourful and imposing sights to take in throughout this manageable little city are wonderful to explore together. Visit the largest gothic cathedral in the world, the Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede; stroll around the huge, 50,000 square meter semi-circular Plaza de Espana’s impressive tiled space; or just talk to some locals – often regarded as some of the most enthusiastic people in Spain! With its infectious mix of Spanish culture, muslim art and North African taste, Seville is a subtle, relaxed and sumptuous place to kindle romance.

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