8 Fantastic Unknown Islands For The Perfect Holiday Snaps

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Every year holiday makers look for the perfect holiday destination, that picturesque paradise to escape to, to relieve themselves from the stresses of normal life. Some people have already found this place but for those still looking we have a list of 8 unknown islands which could quite easily become your escape, and if not at the very least give you a great opportunity for some fabulous holiday snaps.

  1. Navarino Island, Chile

Known by many as the end of the world, Navarino is a remote island that is wild and beautiful. It is a favourite spot for backpackers due to its unspoiled forests and glaciers. It is a truly wonderful place, one that is very welcoming of a camera.


  1. Song Saa, Cambodia

Song Saa is actually two islands, Koh Ouen and Koh Bong which are joined by a bridge. The island hosts 27 villas which resemble a chic Cambodian fishing village. The islands are just a 35 minute boat journey from the port of Sihanoukville.


  1. Sovalye Island, Turkey

Castle ruins on Sovalye lend credence to the rumor that renegade knights turned pirates used it as a base during the Middle Ages.


  1. XXXX Island, Australia

This island is known as the ultimate beer paradise. The beverage company Lion lease the 15 acre land and hold promotional competitions which are your only chance of receiving a ticket to the island.


  1. Saba, Dutch Caribbean

The island is known as the “unspoiled Queen” and a a favourite destination for the LGBT community doe to its same sex marriage laws. The islands tourist director is also openly gay and promotes the island as a place without prejudice.


  1. Mou Waho Island, New Zealand

Near the centre of pristine alpine Lake Wanaka, on New Zealand’s south island, Mou Waho is a glacial remnant of the last Ice Age.


  1. Marettimo, Italy

An hour by boat from Sicily, Matettimo’s whitewashed houses, colourful fishing villages and benevolent year round climate feel almost African, but this little beauty is in Italy.


  1. Aitutaki, Cook Islands

The U.S. reality show Survivor was filmed in the Cook Islands. The idyllic motu ‘little island’ on of 15 in Aitutaki, sits in a stunning 8 by 10 mile coral lagoon with hundreds of shades of blue.


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