8 Ways To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

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Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means you need to find your romantic side and impress your other half come February the 14th! A successful Valentine’s Day require a little planning and a lot of thought but fear not we have put together a quick and easy guide to help you impress this Valentine’s Day.

#1 Plan Ahead

Every Valentine deserves a card and no doubt this is the easiest decision you’ll have to make this Valentine’s Day. Of course handing your Valentine a card will impress them but why not go one step further and post the card in advance? This way your Valentine will receive a lovely and possibly unexpected gesture in the post!

#2 Breakfast In Bed

It might mean getting up half an hour early but that will all be forgotten when you see the look on your loved ones face when they realise they are getting breakfast in bed! Try to get all of their favourite breakfast treats in to really wow, your Valentine will be so impressed that you’ve not only thought to do breakfast in bed but that you’ve also gone to the extra effort of getting all their favourite breakfast food too! Double whammy!

#3 A Thoughtful Gift

Why not accompany your breakfast in bed gesture with a thoughtful token of your love? If extravagant show stoppers are more your thing why not give that gift on the evening to keep your Valentine intrigued all day. We believe thoughtful gifts are far more impressive than extravagance as thoughtfulness is always remembered! We have a number of great thoughtful gifts bound to bring a smile and even a tear of joy to your Valentine’s face whether it’s a personalised photobook or a mug with your favourite couple selfie on just make sure you don’t forget!

#4 A Love Letter

So you’ve send the card, purchased your thoughtful gift now you need to put your pen to paper and write down how you feel. A love letter is the ultimate token of love but one that is rarely given. Your Valentine will undoubtedly be taken back and definitely not expecting such a thing. Try to write something unique, anyone can Google love letter templates but one from the heart is far more impressive!

#5 Go On An Adventure

As Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday hopefully you both won’t have work to contend with but if you do don’t worry we will get onto what you can do after work in just a moment. Jump in car, on the bus or on a train and go on a walk. Try to pick somewhere different where you both haven’t been before or if you’ve got a special place that you both love to visit go there. Even a romantic stroll to your local park will be better than plonking yourself in front of the television all day. Do something out of the ordinary, make your day memorable.

#6 Cook Dinner Together

Why not head to your local deli or butchers and get something special that you and your partner can cook together this Valentine’s Day. Sitting in a row of twos at your local restaurant lacks intimacy and personality, you should get some candles and light up your room and enjoy the meal you’ve both cooked together. If you want to go all out you can toast your special day with a couple of glasses of fizz!

#7 Watch A Film Together

The obvious choice would be to pick a romantic film but we suggest picking a rom-com and everyone loves a good laugh and Valentine’s Day is no exception. We suggest choosing a highly-rated film and most importantly you must not forget the popcorn, chocolates and even a bottle of wine!

#8 Run A Bubble Bath Complete With Candles

The perfect way to wind down after your romance filled day! Everyone loves a hot bath full of bubbles and beautifully lit with the flicker of scented candles.

Now you’ve read the 8 of the best ways to surprise your Valentine the rest is up to you! Make sure you make Valentine’s Day 2016 one to remember!

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