USA Road Trip Makes For An Inspirational Photo Book

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New York

Start your road trip in New York in the late summer. The big apple is glorious in the late evenings, with strong shadows creating amazing scenes around the corner of every block. Visit the High Line – a raised garden snaking through the city on an old high rail – for a more natural take on the most famous city on earth.


There is no place quite as stunning to photograph as New England, in the fall. Just a few hours drive north of New York – every hill, township and picturesque lighthouse-centered Atlantic village, is coated in extremely vivid reds, golds and yellows, as the trees turn to winter.


The windy-city. With over 2.7 million residents, this sprawling metropolis is full of a huge variety of sights, sounds and people. Nestling around the South West of the mighty Lake Michigan, this city is often shrouded in amazing weather, making for extremely dramatic photos.

Denver and The Rocky Mountains

Denver is one of the highest cities in the US, and is often nicknamed the Mile High City. There is even one layer of red seats in the main baseball stadium marking one mile above sea level. The city rests at the feet of the sprawling Rocky Mountains, which are great for skiing, walking, and of course, photographing.


Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

Canyonlands is a geographical wonder that conjures up every quintessential imagery of Western America. 337,598 acres of canyons, needles and mazes created by millions of years of erosion and carving by waterways and weathering. Nearby, the town of Moab, Utah, is home to Arches National Park – 2000 natural sandstone arches that are a marvel to behold, and will make a great addition to your photobook.


Las Vegas

The home of gambling, shopping and nightlife – no American road trip is complete without a visit to Sin City. Take a trip down the main strip, and look out for the sights you’ve seen in every American film!

Death Valley

The lowest, hottest and driest area in North America hardly seems like a great spot to spend any time, but it is also, like most places in the USA, a marvel to behold. Be careful not to spend too much time outside your air conditioned car – the highest recorded air temperature on earth (54 degrees C) was recorded at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, July 1913.

Yosemite National Park

The high sided, granite rock valley, complete with waterfalls, giant sequoia trees and an abundance of wild bears, moose and deers, is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in the centre of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, the climate is generally very Californian and warm, however there is frequent heavy snowfall in late fall and winter, which can quickly close the passes that access the valley.


San Francisco

The home of the hippie movement, Apple and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is the multi-cultural, hilly home of cool. There are so many sights to see here that you could easily fill a digital camera with photos of the city alone.

You’ve made it coast-to-coast on your road trip! Your epic 2563 mile trip has taken you through some of the finest sights that the USA has to offer, but, being such an enormous country, there are still many more places to visit – best start planning your next American road trip!

With such amazing locations to visit, you won’t fail to take breathtaking photos, and what better way to showcase them to all of your friends and family, and to preserve them in your own memory, than in a unique photobook from PixaPrints.

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